Types Of Double Glazing

The double glazing sector has actually soared a considerable amount over the last decade or so. Some people assume that double glazed windows are a basic choice and also wouldn’t match all residences. For example, an old georgian house would certainly look strange if it had  modern style windows in it.

The double glazing industry has actually altered over the years and manufacturers of double glazing supplies a vast array of styles that will certainly make sure to match any kind of specific residential property and suit your needs at the same time.

What types of double glazing are available today?

There are several double glazed home windows to select from, so you can constantly find a design to fit your home. Determining what style is best for you can be tricky, especially if you are unclear of what to try to find. Below, are some different designs of double glazing that are incredibly popular in today’s day and age.

Casement  Windows

The very popular, casement double glazed home windows are best matched to larger houses. This is due to the way the windows are created as well as just how much light they allow. Casement double glazed home windows allow a substantial amount of light making them great for huge spaces as they can let all-natural light in and lighten up the whole room up.

The layout of the sash window permits excellent air flow and these home windows likewise include a variety of structures also. The casement double glazing system has lovely, distinct, leaded glass patterns that will provide your house a gorgeous, special appearance. These double glazing windows can be opened in several ways, such as:

  • All the hinges put one side
  • The windows can be fitted so they open into the residential property as opposed to outwards
  • The joints can be fitted along the top
  • The windows can be opened up away from the residential property rather than opening up inwards.

This option is all to exactly how you have them installed so constantly see to it you are certain of what design you desire, before your casement double glazed windows are fitted. A terrific advantage of the casement double glazed home windows is that they are less costly to other designs that are out there and also this is due to the fact that they are a rather basic window.

Georgian Bar Windows

The georgian bar home windows are a very popular style double glazing device, specifically for older design houses. The name ‘georgian bar’ came from the Georgian times as this style was most generally used for Georgian style residences. These beautiful windows are very versatile as well as produces a really distinct appearance.

The patterns that the georgian bar, double glazed home windows include, look like patterns that were once genuine in the Georgian styles, hence why they are so prominent with older styled houses. The amazing thing concerning georgian bar home windows is that, although they might appear like different panes of glass, they really aren’t.

The georgian bar, double glazing units are in fact comprised of one glass unit and then there are numerous bars that run up and down and flat through the glass and then joined together, developing the georgian, old style look. The materials used to develop this look are the same products utilized for the frame.

The georgian bar window is basically the same as various other designs of double glazed home windows except, the frames going through the glass create a different pane effect, leading to a gorgeous georgian style impact and giving it an actual conventional feeling and want to your home.

Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows

Tilt and transform home windows are popular in homes that have toddlers. This is due to the fact that the tilt and also transform home windows are a lot more secure than typical windows because of the method they open up and close. These double glazing home windows are extremely flexible and also can make your window cleaning up a great deal easier to manage.

Like a regular uPVC window, tilt as well as transform home windows will open up as normal, however you likewise have the ability to open them inwards to. This implies that when you open the home window, it will certainly be opened in the direction of you instead of the traditional method of opening up away from you. An excellent aspect of tilt as well as turn is that you can additionally open the home window from the top.

The reason these home windows are so preferred in a young household residence is because these home windows use a double hinge system that allows the home window to turn inwards from the top of the window, making it a really safe atmosphere for a kid to play by.

These windows are ideal for households as you can keep them basically closed whilst still letting fresh air right into your house. Bigger houses also take advantage of these double glazing devices as they allow the maximum natural light feasible. As the tilt and turn double glazing windows can be found in a selection of choices, you can pick a framework and also dimension to match your home and design.

Vertical Sliding Windows

If your house is more of an older design or is a lot more conventional, the upright sliding, double glazed windows maybe best fit for you. With the style of sash windows, these sensational home windows are opened by gliding across the bottom component upwards. Unlike a sash home window though, this design has far more benefits as well as will last much longer.

There are several styles when it concerns the upright sliding windows. Constantly make sure to pick the right design for you however likewise the appropriate product that has actually been utilized to make the home window. For example, choosing uPVC windows instead of wood can significantly decrease the amount of upkeep that is required.


These different sorts of double glazing windows are the most popular choices in the UK as they have shown to be extremely useful for a various quantity of homes throughout the country. If you are still unsure regarding what style you believe is best for you, please do not hesitate to Contact Enfield Glass who have years of experience and help you make the perfect choice for your home.

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