How Double Glazing Is Installed

So, you have been looking around for double glazing companies, you have had a few quotes as well as you have chosen the one that ideal fits you, but what takes place next?

At Enfield Glass our specialists are very skilled team of experts have years of experience and also have all the expertise called for to fit double glazing doors and windows. If you choose to have your work below is an overview on what you can anticipate, in terms of the installation procedure.

The double glazed window installation process

So, you have actually selected a suitable glazing supplier to provide you home windows for your property and you have actually picked your window layout, colour as well as the colour of your handles. You have gone for the most effective window you desired with the full safety locking system and now you are unclear of what occurs next. Well, the following step is to have your home windows installed.

When our group of installers get to your property, they will certainly begin by making certain the access to the home window is secure. If there is anything blocking its means, you do not have to worry as our team will move anything necessary for you as well as soon as they have whatever off the beaten track, they will after that prepare the area for the installation to ensure it is a clean and precise installment.

When the area has been inspected and also it is secure, they will put a dirt sheet on the flooring where the work will certainly be executed to avoid anything screwing up your floors.  

The Removal of your Old Windows

If you’re having the entire home window changed, the dimensions of the brand-new framework will certainly be checked over. This is just to check that your brand-new home windows are the appropriate size prior to any kind of installment is started. Once all measurements have been examined, they will certainly take your old window out.

Place the brand-new structure into the aperture

When the old home window has actually been successfully eliminated, the brand-new frame will be placed right into the open aperture and then bolted strongly into the concrete. Our group will constantly make sure whatever is ideal so they will certainly check that whatever is even by using a spirit level and also when that has been checked, the glass can be fitted.

Fitting the glass sealed units

Now, the structure has been effectively installed into the brickwork and also it’s now time for our team to carefully position the brand-new glass unit, into the aperture. When the glass remains in location, grains are delicately fitted around it to securely enclose the glass and keep it safeguard in its structure. If the team think that it requires a little extra safety, they might make a decision to make use of wedges to make sure that it’s just that little extra snug between the uPVC framework and also the glass.

Perfecting the final touches

When the home window has actually been successfully installed, to provide the window it’s best surface, the installers will certainly utilise silicone on both the inside as well as beyond the home window and also include trim to make sure the window is looking best. With sealers as well as trim, we will constantly use the same colour, in order to keep it looking elegant as well as to refrain from it being noticeable against the brickwork.

Now it is time to tidy up and get everything back to normal

When the setup of your new windows has actually been completed, the installers will eliminate every one of their tools as well as begin to tidy up the workspace area. Our installers will certainly even hoover up after themselves to guarantee your home is precisely how it was when we showed up. Simply in case, make sure to inspect the workspace area as well as ensure that our team have actually left absolutely nothing behind.

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