Conservatory Roof Panels: Cost for New & Replacement Panels

Sunrooms are a reasonable financial investment for house owners, so it can be a little disheartening when you can use your sunroom much less and much less, as the roof starts to show signs of wear and tear. Additionally, if your conservatory was mounted a few years back, the products may not be the very best readily available for warm retention as well as thermal insulation. Nonetheless, we may have a solution! In this guide, we’re going to take you through everything you require to know about conservatory roof covering panels, the expense for new ones, the array readily available, just how to use aftermarket items as well as the timescales for these such jobs!

Conservatory Roofing Panel Products

Conservatory roofings are commonly made from polycarbonate sheets, glass, plastic roof shingles, or if you have a strong sunroom roofing, roof covering ceramic tiles.

Polycarbonate Panels as well as Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sunroom roofing is one of the most common product made use of, particularly in years gone by, as a result of its ease of installment, its toughness, as well as its cost-effectiveness, nonetheless, it does leave a great deal to be desired by way of thermal insulation and also the life span of looking its ideal. As a result of this, a great deal of people later on think about the installation of either a completely new sunroom roof covering or the replacement of roof panels.


An even more contemporary sunroom roof substitute material is glass. Not only does glass boost the amount of light in your sunroom, however the dual glazing residential or commercial properties boosts the insulation too, together with specific tints as well as variations blocking out dangerous UV rays with UV security and modern technology to maintain everyone inside the sunroom risk-free. Glass is a little more pricey than polycarbonate panels, but only somewhat, and you’ll see a massive difference in noise pollution reductions and also energy performance. Glass creates a terrific sunroom roof replacement, as well as it’s a large enhancement on the typical polycarbonate material.

Other Materials

Plastic shingles as well as roof covering floor tiles are a lot less common products made use of for sunrooms, as they do not actually compare to a glass conservatory roof covering replacement, and even a polycarbonate conservatory roofing substitute, so they are much rarer ahead across. Nonetheless, if you did wish to integrate replacement conservatory roofing panels into a larger project of affixing your sunroom to your home in a far more long-term way, these products are the way to go. You’ll be required to examine the neighborhood building regulations to inspect whether you will certainly require planning consent for the work, as points like regional disruption, the site, any kind of relevant personal privacy plan, the demands in local regulations, and also lots of various other things are abided by. Planning approval is an unbelievably crucial element to consider with these sorts of tasks, and you need to factor the price of getting intending consent right into your budget, as each area has a different fee framework.

Just how much does it set you back to change a conservatory roof covering?

The main factor to consider for the majority of consumers as well as homeowners is whether they have the budget plan available for a brand-new sunroom roof and also whether it’s a glass or polycarbonate sheet, the cost of a replacement sunroom roofing system does not come that economical. Nevertheless, the benefits that you acquire from the work prolong from making the space more comfortable in saving money on power bills with the raised insulation. In this section, we’re going to lead you via the average replacement sunroom roof price for the various sunroom roof panels available. Each of the average prices we go over in this area will certainly be based around a lean-to roof 3m x 3.5 m in dimension.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is one of the most typical materials for conservatory roof covering panels and this is mainly due to the reality that it is one of the most cost-effective choices. For the products you’re going to spend around ₤ 3,000, which will consist of all the fixings and naturally the polycarbonate sheets required for the conservatory roof covering panels. The task will take about 1-2 days and the price is ₤ 750 in labour, as changing conservatory roofing systems often tends to be a two-man work. A brand-new sunroom roof covering made from polycarbonate will make a world of difference aesthetically, yet if you had the very same material ahead of time, you will not see much of a distinction in power performance as well as in conserving warmth. The total price for the project will be around ₤ 3,750, suggesting that a glass conservatory roofing system might be a far better investment, as we’ll discover even more listed below.

Glass Product

Glass conservatory roofing system panels are a considerable improvement upon a polycarbonate conservatory roof, mostly as a result of the raised benefits of power efficiency and also the insulating double glazing. Nonetheless, these enhancements come with a price, albeit a limited increase from various other panels. The materials will certainly set you back about ₤ 3,500 for a glass sunroom roof, and also the work will cost around ₤ 850, which isn’t too dissimilar to various other installations, making for an overall of ₤ 4,250, which is simply ₤ 500 more than polycarbonate. In easy terms, you obtain a lot more benefits for your money by selecting glass over polycarbonate, as well as you’ll save a lot in power expenses over the years also.


Earlier we mentioned the option of either a tiled roof covering or plastic roof shingles. Now, these kinds of roofing panels are a lot more expensive than both glass and polycarbonate, with them being far more permanent functions that require more interior job than common. In materials alone, you’re most likely to pay ₤ 6,750 for roofing sheets, conservatory roofing system panels and also ceramic tiles, and also around ₤ 2,000 in work, implying the complete number will not be far away from ₤ 9,000. Once more, if you’re aiming to incorporate your conservatory roof right into your house permanently, this is what you’ll need to do, however otherwise, you ‘d be better off with the cheaper alternatives.

What is the best substitute sunroom roofing system?

As you can most likely reason from the info until now, glass sunroom roofing panels tick all the boxes for the moniker or ‘Finest Substitute Conservatory Roofing System’, and while polycarbonate is a solid choice for sunroom roofings, it can’t compete with the benefits of glass while additionally being not a whole lot more affordable. Glass conservatory roofings are increasing in popularity annually, and so are the items that can be included in them as a Do It Yourself project. As an example, for raised color and UV ray protection, you can be a simple to apply film to the glass roof covering panels to tint them a details shade, and you can additionally have actually various coloured or styled glazing bars added to the roof to obtain a certain aesthetic which is a helpful little thing to have available. 

Polishing bars are a vital facet of the glass roof panel system, so why not have control over exactly how they look also. They are generally made from aluminium, which is pretty usual for all kinds of sunroom repairings, as a result of the versatility of aluminium and also its ease of workability. Aluminium is also utilized for window frames and also the mendings that are connected to them, along with the generally discovered aluminium guttering components outside the conservatory.

Is it worth replacing your sunroom roofing?

Sunrooms are little safe houses to get away from after a difficult day at the workplace or to spend a few tranquil hours with a book on the weekend break. However, even if you have the budget plan readily available for replacing your sunroom roof panels, there is still the concern of whether it’s worth the money or otherwise. Roof covering panels impact the pleasure of the space massively from shielding the sun to maintaining the warmth inside the living space. With that said in mind, it deserves replacing your sunroom roofing, as well as considering the rate of glass substitute sunroom roof panels, it’s actually a quite tiny investment for the variety of years you’re likely to appreciate them as well as the added insulation they supply. Add an extra item like tinting movies or brand-new window frameworks occasionally, as well as your conservatory will certainly look fresh and brand-new for a long period of time.

Can you put solar panels on a sunroom roof?

Sunrooms with all new glass panels are incredibly proficient at insulation as well as maintaining warm inside, making them much more energy-efficient than older sunroom roofings and also inevitably a lot a lot more economical. The process of insulation with double polishing really assists this efficiency and in turn, will certainly conserve you money on your power bills, however, you can further enhance these cost savings with the addition of sunroom solar panels as well as photovoltaic panel innovation. If you find that your conservatory often tends to obtain a great deal of sun on its roof, it might be ideal for photovoltaic panels, and also you could be creating your very own power for further financial savings on your electricity costs. Currently, this sort of roofing system clearly needs great deals of sunlight, so if your conservatory is covered with looming trees nearby, blocking sunshine, you would certainly be much better off avoiding this type of roofing system as it wouldn’t be a sound investment.

Glass panels are more than strong enough to hold up against the weight of any type of photovoltaic panels you want to install on the sunroom roof covering, and conservatories around the nation are making use of this added roof room to mount solar items. Solar panels have technology within them that absorb sunshine and also transform the energy produced into electricity that you can make use of within your home, as well as you can also market surplus power back to the grid! Again, you’ll need to look into the regional building policies in your location prior to you can devote to an item like this as well as ensure that your home isn’t within a restricted classification for these kinds of installments.

There are some federal government schemes readily available that subsidise the cost of solar panels on your roof covering, as they try to urge even more people to make the dive over to solar power and also make full use of the bountiful resources we all have available.

Final thought

Property owners around the nation are investing in new roof panels for their sunroom roofings not just for the visual advantages, but for the included layer of insulation, the boosted energy-efficiency that the insulation garners and the increase in life span of those roof coverings and roof covering panels, all adding to an area that is a lot more comfy to make use of regularly. Old and also inept roofing system panels can trigger fairly a problem for sunroom proprietors and also usually the financial investment in a brand-new roofing panel or 2 can be the remedy. It may be a little investment right into your roofing system, yet it deserves the cash, and also the diverse panel sizes, choice of designs as well as range available on the marketplace today will certainly garner lots of many thanks from the family members.

Roofing systems around the nation are in desperate requirement of a substitute, however to assist you make the option and choice on investing in a replacement roof demand that a few regional roofing contractors come and also determine the roof covering location, size, accumulation of damages or wear as well as any other info they need so they can supply you with some details on just how they can assist with a roofing service that satisfies your requirements as well as the requirements of your conservatory. You may even locate that each panel on the roofing is showing various indicators of wear and that you just require to repair or change a panel or two, or possibly incorporate some new aluminium glazing bars.

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